Shona Easton, UK handbag designer

Source: Shona Easton, UK handbag designer

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Watch “Jon Voight’s “Message to America” — Donald Trump (Doctored)” on YouTube

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Apparently the person serving my coffee doesn’t drink coffee.

Jul 08, 19 Apparently the person serving my coffee doesn’t drink coffee.

The seam on the cup is supposed to go on the opposite side of the cup from the hole that you drink from.


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Finally Back Online!!

It took more than ten chats with GoDaddy “experts” but I am finally back online. I was talked into “upgrading” to the latest version of their service which included a new cPanel with more options. To be fair, there are a lot more options and it is more useful.

But being offline for three+ weeks may not have been worth it.

I not only had to make a lot of changes in my website and hosting settings, but I also had to make about 50 changes to the database. I still have more to do. It was awful. But, things look ok now and there are just some minor bugs to work out. Like almost all website setting are gone.

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SSL Secured

A few weeks ago, I noticed that Chrome blocked my website for being non-secure.  Rest assured, it is now SSL protected.  There are a few tidy-ups needed to get things fully working again are still in order.  But those are mostly minor issues.  For example, tags have all been lost.  Oh well.

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Trump Loves Him Some LGBTQ


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