Heredity skipped a generation

So, Oliver for some reason likes to talk about poos.  I don’t know why.  Whenever he take a poo, he likes to look at it and make comments.  I try to point his cute little face in another direction.  I tell him that I don’t like to talk about poos or look at them.  I may make a comment that the most recent may have been large or stinky, but that’s about it.

He, on the other hand, seems to think that it is necessary to discuss poos.  A bit like my father.  So, without trying to recollect dozens of prior conversations, I will just go with the one that happened a few minutes ago.

Oliver did a quick wee and got up from the potty.  I helped him with his underwear and pants and was sending him on his way.  He said that poos are stinky.  I replied that I didn’t want to talk about poos.  To which he replied (and I quote) “Poos aren’t for eating”.  Seriously?!  He spent one week with my dad almost two years ago.  Where did this poo obsession come from?

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