Thanks for the support for a great run

Thanks to everyone for their kind words, advice, contributions, and moral support.  Together we did two things:

  • Raise nearly $1,200 for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Help me complete my first marathon

Did I say “first”?  Yes, I did.  While many people have told me that 4:27 is pretty good for a first marathon, my goal is 3:59:59.  So, I’m running another in May.  May 5th is the Rotorura (Rotovegas) marathon.

Thanks again,

Get out there!!



Oh, it isn’t too late to contribute to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Support For Breast Cancer Research

Hi there,

Sorry about the spam. We all get too much these days.

I am trying to raise funds and awareness for the NZ Breast Cancer cause. At the same time, I am entering the Auckland Marathon: My first. My goal is under four hours (Although 3:30 is my true goal). It is also $1,000. The time challenge is on me. Please help me reach the $1,000 goal. I need you for this.

I have had (to the best of my memory) three close family members fight breast cancer: My dad, my aunt, and their mom. Every little bit helps.

Thank you very much,


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Score now 12 – 6

All Blacks answer two penalty kicks.

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All Blacks up 7 – 0

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Comparison of the first two Competitions | AAAmazing

Guess who won….

Source: Comparison of the first two Competitions | AAAmazing

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